Alleged Crimes;

During the second World War, there were persistent and substantiated reports of the killing of unarmed civilians or prisoners of war by US forces.
These included;
The Canicattì massacre, where at least eight Italian civilians, including an eleven year old girl, were killed, though the exact number of casualties is uncertain.
The Dachau massacre: U.S. soldiers shot and killed up to 100 German injured SS soldiers (who had no connection with the death camp) as they attempted to surrender.
The Biscari massacre, U.S. troops killed roughly 75 prisoners of war, mostly Italian.
Rheinwiesenlager prison camps for German POWs where credible sources estimate from about 3,000 to 10,000 German POWs died, mostly from starvation, dehydration and exposure to the weather elements.
Operation Teardrop: Eight of the surviving, captured crewmen from the sunk German submarine U-546 were tortured by US military personnel.

In Vietnam, US forces and their allies were accused of widespread torture of prisoners, rape of civilian women, mutilation of bodies and killing of unarmed civilians, among other acts.
The US also routinely used chemical weapons in Vietnam, namely Agent Orange and Napalm in civilian areas.

The US has also been accused of indiscriminately bombing civilians outside of a declared war situation, and targeting civilian populations. This has happened so often that a new phrase has been coined by the US military to describe it – “collateral damage”.
These include the following places;

Japan (1945) China (1945-46) Korea & China (1950-53) Guatemala (1954, 1960, 1967-69) Indonesia (1958) Cuba (1959-61) Congo (1964)
Peru (1965) Laos (1964-70) Vietnam (1961-1973) Cambodia (1969-70)
Grenada (1983) Lebanon (1983-84) Libya (1986) El Salvador (1980s)
Nicaragua (1980s) Iran (1987) Panama (1989) Iraq (1991-2000)
Kuwait (1991) Somalia (1993) Bosnia (1994-95) Sudan (1998)
Afghanistan (1998) Pakistan (1998) Yugoslavia (1999)
Bulgaria (1999) Macedonia (1999)

The US has refused to sign Conventions against the development and use of chemical and biological weapons.
Recently, the US military has been accused of using white phosphorus bombs (which burns the skin to the bone on contact) in Fallujah and possibly elsewhere in the Iraq.
Depleted uranium warheads are also regularly used by US forces in modern-day war zones. The radiation produced by depleted uranium in battle is a poison, a carcinogenic material that causes birth defects, lung disease, kidney disease, leukemia, breast cancer, lymphoma, bone cancer, and neurological disabilities.

The US has been accused of using and testing chemical or biological weapons (without informing the civilian populations) in the following places abroad;

Bahamas (late 1940s-mid-1950s) Canada (1953) China and Korea (1950-53) Korea (1967-69) Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (1961-1970)
Panama (1940s-1990s) Cuba (1962, 69, 70, 71, 81, 96).

And in the US itself;

Watertown, NY and US Virgin Islands (1950) SF Bay Area (1950, 1957-67) Minneapolis (1953) St. Louis (1953) Washington, DC Area (1953, 1967) Florida (1955) Savannah GA/Avon Park, FL (1956-58) New York City (1956, 1966) Chicago (1960).

The US has launched a series of military and political interventions since
1945, often to install puppet regimes. The following are the sampling of estimated deaths either from direct US military interventions or support of the states responsible for the crimes (using the most conservative estimates);

Nicaragua (30,000 dead) Brazil (100,000 dead) Korea (4 million dead)
Guatemala (200,000 dead) Honduras (20,000 dead) El Salvador (63,000 dead) Argentina (40,000 dead) Bolivia (10,000 dead) Uruguay (10,000 dead) Ecuador (10,000 dead) Peru (10,000 dead) Iraq (1.3 million dead) Iran (30,000 dead) Sudan (8-10,000 dead) Colombia (50,000 dead) Panama (5,000 dead) Japan (140,000 dead) Afghanistan (10,000 dead) Somalia (5000 dead) Philippines (150,000 dead) Haiti (100,000 dead)
Dominican Republic (10,000 dead) Libya (500 dead) Macedonia (1000 dead) South Africa (10,000 dead) Pakistan (10,000 dead) Palestine (40,000 dead) Indonesia (1 million dead) East Timor (1/3-1/2 of total population) Greece (10,000 dead) Laos (600,000 dead) Cambodia (1 million dead) Angola (300,000 dead) Grenada (500 dead) Congo (2 million dead) Egypt (10,000 dead) Vietnam (1.5 million dead) Chile (50,000 dead).

The US has also developed and distributed training manuals for foreign military personnel or foreign nationals, including instructions on assassination, subversion, sabotage, population control, torture, repression, psychological torture, death squads, etc.

Successive US administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have used assassination as a tool of foreign policy. Assassination attempts have been made against at least 40 foreign heads of state (some several times), a number of which have been successful, including: Patrice Lumumba (Congo), Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic), Ngo Dihn Diem (Vietnam) Salvador Allende (Chile).

The US is the world’s largest seller of weapons abroad, arming
dictators, militaries, and terrorists that repress or victimize their
populations, and fueling scores of violent conflicts around the globe The US is also the world’s largest provider of live land mines which, even in
peacetime, kill or injure at least several people around the world each day.


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  2. ! – Warning: Very Graphic Pictures of Children, affected by Uranium Munitions:

    Who’s Guilty? Who benefits; Follow the Money. Guilty by Association.

    • An Article by Mohammed Daud Miraki


      With the collapse of Taliban, a very profitable, yet nasty sector of the economy has risen to new heights. Organized crime is an extension of what used to be warlords and their armies of bandits. With the warlords and other officials of the Northern Alliance occupying official positions, their former foot soldiers are equipped with new weapons and Toyota trucks, Landcruisers, with only one aim to kidnap people from diverse backgrounds for large sums of money. Once the money is secured, the government officials, who are also leading these bandits, keep 80 percent for themselves and 20 percent for their men.

      The Italian aid worker, who was kidnapped in Kabul in broad daylight, was a victim of these organized bandits. After she was released, the government claimed that it secured the release of the aid worker through negotiation, but the truth is otherwise. The kidnappers received 5 million dollars. Those poor souls that can not afford paying ransoms end up dead.

      Other groups of criminals kidnap children for money as well as for their organs. This is an epidemic that people sought Talibans’ assistance for in the mid-1990s, however, it appears that this is no longer an issue for the US occupation force and their puppets after all when it comes to crimes what could be more criminal that using WMD against civilian population. The US forces have used uranium weapons against the people of Afghanistan, and continue to commit crimes that dwarf what the organized criminals are doing. The followings are some of the examples of the brutality of the US forces in Afghanistan:

      Rape and Murder by the US forces

      In the Bagrami area of Kabul, the US forces assaulted a small enclave of nomads. The US forces flew over this enclave and saw nomad women near their tents. They landed their helicopter and kidnapped these women by gunpoint. Subsequently, the US soldiers flew away with these women to some location, where these women are gang-raped. After these women were raped and died in the process, the soldiers flew them back to the community from where they were kidnapped. However, this time the helicopter did not land, instead, the women were thrown down from the helicopter. This is not unique for the US forces since they committed similar crimes in Vietnam. American forces are too much of cowards to have landed because they knew they would be shot in revenge.

      Another incident occurred when a US helicopter spotted an old shepherd grazing his animals. The shepherd was 70 years old but this did not appear to matter to the US forces. The helicopter landed and raped the old man. His relatives told me that on the one hand we are furious about the crime committed by these beasts, but on the other hand we are curious “what kind of rotten people Americans are.”

      In another incident, a truck driver was driving his truck north from the Kabul, passing the US base in Bagram when the US patrol stopped him. In the passenger seat of the truck a young boy was sitting. This young man wanted to learn driving a truck, but tragically for him, the Americans noticed him and asked him to step out. The young man stepped out and the soldiers took him away from the truck and gang raped him. When the boy returned to the truck, he was crying and furious. Later that day, he committed suicide. This is another gift of the US’s democracy.

      In the American military base Bagram, north of Kabul, 15 translators while working for the US forces were gang raped by the very forces for which they worked. Although I have no sympathy for those that work for the US forces, however, no one should be subjected to such extreme cruelty. One of the translators said,

      “Around 25 to 30 American soldiers enter the area where we were sleeping and started raping us. I was conscious until to the third soldier started raping me and then lost consciousness.” (Hamid-translator for the US forces, June 2005)

      In Badakhshan province, the US soldiers had taken forty (40) women and extracted their teeth for oral sex. One member of the parliament, who is a close supporter of Karzai, said:

      “The issue of these women treated in such a miserable way was about to get some publicity, however, the US officials made sure that this does not happen.” (Parliament member—I can not reveal his name)

      In another incident, the US forces were searching local houses between JalaAbad and Kabul, when they entered and tried to search the house, they came across the woman of the house, since she was very beautiful, the soldiers decided to take her to the US base. The husband was not at home. When he returned from Peshawar, he went to get his wife. He told his wife,

      “To me you are now my mother and sister, I can not touch you any more, but tell me if they have violated your dignity? ’They raped me by force, I was conscious for the first three men, then lost consciousness’.” (The husband whose name I can not reveal his name. He joined Taliban afterward and I do not blame him.)

      A young man committed suicide in the Laic-e-Mariam in KairKhana area after the Americans in an NGO raped his sister.

      These are some of the very few examples of the many crimes committed by the US forces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, the coward officials of the puppet regime call it reconstruction. To add insult to injury, the two American soldiers, who murdered two detainees at Bagram airbase, received only 2 and 3 months in jail for crime ruled homicide by the US medical examiners. The two detainees were beaten at their legs while hanging from the ceiling until their legs “pulverized”. The term “pulverized” was used by the medical examiner to articulate the magnitude of the fatal injury and the inhumane way of murdering. When one of the victims asked for water, the soldier poured water over his face; subsequently, the poor man died. This is American reconstruction of Afghanistan.

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