Serbia Gets War Crimes Wanted List

Croatia has given Serbia a list of some 1,500 Serbs indicted or convicted for war crimes committed during the 1991-1995 war there.

The list, kept secret until recently, was an obstacle for Serb refugees wanting to return to their homes in Croatia after the war as they did not know if they were on the wanted list.

Zagreb provided it to Serbia earlier this year, said Justice Minister Snezana Malovic, who along with her Croatian counterpart Ivan Simonovic have formed a joint panel to work out the problem.

Many Croatian Serbs who fled to Serbia during and at the end of the war did not want to return to Croatia fearing arrest.

In the last few years, Serbia and Croatia have gradually improved ties, in particular stepping up police and judicial co-operation.

This cooperation putting international justice over and before petty national differences is a very encouraging, but rare enough sign. Let’s hope it continues.

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