Serbian War Crimes Fugitive Hideout Found

Serb authorities have apparently found an apartment thought to have been used until recently by infamous war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague has charged Mladic with genocide, identifying him as the man who allegedly ordered the murder of some 8,000 boys and men in Srebrenica and other war crimes.

Serbian authorities insist they are doing everything possible to bring Mladic to justice but they still have not managed to find him or arrest him.


Serbia is paying a heavy price for its failure to arrest Mladic – its path to European Union membership has been blocked and billions of dollars in development aid have been withheld.

So why is Mladic still free?

The answer is simple. Money.

Mladic was never a maverick, unlike Karadzic who often fell out with Serbian leaders and tended to act alone. As a Serbian Army general, Mladic took his orders directly from Belgrade and is therefore a vital link between those who committed war crimes and many of the Serbian establishment figures who are still in power today.

A conviction of someone like Mladic for war crimes could lead to claims of war damages in the tens of billions of dollars.

Some would say this is a small amount to pay. Not only because it would solve many of Serbia’s present diplomatic and political problems but also because it could help to salve a guilty conscience which could haunt Serbs for generations to come.

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1 Response to Serbian War Crimes Fugitive Hideout Found

  1. Anonymous says:

    We never will hand over our heroes to the circus in the Hague. Serbia has already do too much to appease Europe. The Germany and Austria will never want Serbia to join EU.

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