Uganda Tries War Crime Suspect

Colonel Thomas Kwoyelo, the fourth in command of Uganda’s rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA), which terrorized northern Uganda for over two decades, has been committed to the war crimes court in the capital Kampala, for trial.

This will be Uganda’s first ever war crimes trial. Kwoyelo faces 12 offences which include willful killing, taking of hostages, extensive destruction of property and causing serious bodily injury.

Kwoyelo, 37, was captured in the Democratic Republic of Congo in March, following a gun battle between the Ugandan army and LRA soldiers. He is alleged to have terrorized and killed civilians in Abera village in Pabbo Sub-County in Gulu, north of Kampala between 1993 and 1996.

His trial will mark the first time a war crimes suspect has been tried in the same country where the alleged crimes took place.

We look forward to the day when all war crimes suspects are tried in places where their victims and relatives of their victims can see for themselves justice being done.

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