War Crimes Tribunals Hindered by Lack of Staff

War Crimes Trials in Rwanda and in the former Yugoslavia are being hampered by the international community’s lack of will to arrest fugitives and to offer long-term contracts to staff.

In the case of Rwanda, ten fugitives are still at large and in the case of former Yugoslavia, two key fugitives — Gen. Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic – have still not been arrested.

The delays mean that the tribunals find it hard to keep staff. The courts have a policy of offering only short-term contracts which run out well before any of the work is completed. The tribunals are said to be as much as 20% understaffed in some cases.

The work of bringing justice to victims of war crimes and the search for an end to genocide and crimes against humanity cannot be short-term.

If the international community is to succeed in its fight against these kinds of injustices, long-term, well-paid contracts must be offered to attract people with the best qualifications.

Justice demands nothing less.

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