Croation War Crimes Suspect to be Tried in Croatia?

On January 5th, Croatian war crimes suspect Tomislav Purda was arrested at the border between Bosnia and Croatia on a Serbian arrest warrant for allegedly committing crimes against ethnic Serbs during the 1991 war in Yugoslavia.

He is now in jail in Bosnia awaiting an extradition request from Belgrade. Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor has discussed Purda’s arrest with Serbian President Boris Tadic.

IWCR understands that Serbia is likely to hand Purda over to Croatia in order to be tried there, as part of a cooperation agreement between the two countries’ justice departments.

If these two previously bitter foes are able to cooperate over war crimes trials, and reign in their respective nationalist wings who tend to insist on regarding war crimes suspects as national heroes, then perhaps there is hope after all that war crimes suspects can successfully be separated from national politics and tried like the common criminals they really are.

Only time will tell.

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