John Demjanjuk Charged With War Crimes Again

Spain has charged 90-year-old John Demjanjuk with war crimes for his role in a German concentration camp. This is the fourth time a nation has accused the former Seven Hills’ autoworker of being a Nazi guard.

Demjanjuk has been on trial in Germany since November 2009, charged with complicity in the deaths of more than 28,000 people at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. He went on trial about six months after he was deported from the United States for lying about his wartime past.

The allegations are that Demjanjuk worked as a guard at the Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany while 155 Spanish prisoners were held, where it is alleged sixty of them died.

“You have to scratch your head,” said John Broadley, Demjanjuk’s attorney in the United States. “Spain must have a surplus of money they don’t know what to do with. They’re spending time and money to go after a 90-year-old man already on trial.”

Demjanjuk was first accused of being a Nazi guard in 1977, when U.S. government lawyers accused him of being a sadistic camp guard known as “Ivan the Terrible,” a case based on eyewitness testimony. He was convicted in Israel and spent about six years on death row. In 1993, his conviction was overturned.

After he returned to Seven Hills, federal prosecutors accused him again, this time using wartime documents to link him to the concentration camps.

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