About IWCR

IWCR is a non-political, non-partisan vehicle for intelligent discussion about alleged war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Too often there is unbalanced discussion of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Too often, discussion is coloured by prejudice or politics. Too often, discussion descends into pointless arguments between two camps of supporters or opponents of the state or the individual that is accused of perpetrating the alleged crime.

This blog is designed for non-partisan discussion of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The aim is to try to conclude, through intelligent discussion, if a war crime or a crime against humanity has been committed and if so, who is most responsible and how the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

Politics and partisanship should have no part to play in the discussions.

All comments are moderated and excessively partisan or inflammatory comments will be deleted and repeat offenders banned.

If you would like to present a case of an alleged war crime or crime against humanity for discussion, please contact us here at IWCR and we will consider it for presentation.


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