About IWCR

IWCR is a non-political, non-partisan vehicle for intelligent discussion about alleged war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The aim is to ascertain in what cases a crime has been committed and if there has, who is most responsible and who, if anyone, should be brought to justice.

For recent posts on war crimes and crimes against humanity, look in the ‘news reports’ section. Please feel free to comment.

You are also invited to suggest individuals who may be guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity, or to defend any of the individuals who have been suggested. Choose a country from the ‘country reports’ section to join the discussion and make your comment.

All comments are moderated and excessively partisan or inflammatory comments will be deleted and repeat offenders banned. Robust arguments are of course allowed but all opinions expressed should be supported by well-reasoned arguments.

After some time, all the arguments you have presented will be considered and a list of the ‘Most Wanted War Criminals’ will be drawn up.

It is hoped this list will put pressure on the international community to bring to justice those individuals most worthy of prosecution.

If you would like to present a case of an alleged war crime or crime against humanity for discussion which has not already been included here, please contact us here at IWCR and we will consider it for presentation.

3 Responses to About IWCR

  1. pl,send me news latters

  2. Kiros Iorgopulos says:

    you have report from all country but look at Romanien abusive power of dictatorship Basescu -massive violation of human rights (2th place next year after Russia in research of ECHR) is a crime against humanity

  3. The Ugandan army under commander in chief president Museveni has committed war crimes and atrocities during the 20-year civil war northern Ugandan. Under his rule UPDEFsoldiers have raped, displaced civilans into camps, killed them and even he used child soldiers,Of recent Museveni himself ordered for the killings of unarmed protesters that were trying express their disatfication with his bad policies . and up to now several Ugandans ‘re still being killed under his watchfull eye following his command this is being done by state agents like RRU , Uganda police and army. I therefore request the international criminal court to investigate Uganda Police and UPDF army generals, including president Museveni and his Son Muhoozi for mass killings of innocent Citizens. Under the rule of President President Yoweri Museveni Uganda has witnessed widespread and indiscriminate human rights abuses have been committed while stopping several protests and fighting rebel groups in the north of the country. President Museveni should be help responsible for the death of thousands of Ugandans during his Regime.
    Ddungu Musa Evans
    Ugandan Living In New Zealand

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